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Garden Bulletin:

*new album*

White Poppy -
Sound of Blue

via Not Not Fun Records

Oct 6, 2023

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White Poppy featured on cassette compilation
'High Bias: Music from the Book'
companion to the book
'A Distorted History of the Cassette Tape' by Marc Masters

September 28, 2023

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White Poppy -
Drifters Gold

*Constellation Tatsu
10 year anniversary
cassette re-issue*

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White Poppy -
Paradise Gardens

via Not Not Fun Records

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Vinyl currently sold out

Uilos -
Dark Night Of The Soul

via So Called Hell

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cassettes currently sold out

Light Sound Library -
Chill & Fun Tunes

download | stream

LSL is a playful utility & mood music library in the making
it was somewhat soft launched in 2022 with the first volume demo
"Chill & Fun Tunes"
it will be picking up pace come 2024 and beyond :)

Sanity Soap

(mental health art project)

visit SS IG for more


contactingparadise at gmail dot com


Created my homepage for now.
Currently working on the menu and more pages to come. using open source Neocities website builder and learning basic HTML coding which is really fun. Having a harder time getting the hang of CSS but excited to learn more about it. updating the accessibility of this site asap.
Over and out. ~C


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